Anchor Tenant Announced for Uptown Gateway

UC’s “digital futures” building will anchor mixed use environment for innovation, education and technological advancement

Terrex Development & Construction and Messer Construction Co. are pleased to announce that the University of Cincinnati has selected Uptown Gateway as the home for its new UC digital futures building. UC is the first tenant at Uptown Gateway and will be housed in a 180,000 SFT building fronting I-71 and Martin Luther King Blvd.

Uptown Gateway is a high density, urban, mixed use project that, when fully completed, will provide 480,000 square feet of office, a 125 to 200 room hotel, multifamily, retail, urban park and below-grade structured parking to serve the development. In addition to, and in conjunction with, UC’s digital futures building, the Uptown Gateway will provide an opportunity for the business community to co-locate their operations with the University and work collaboratively within a vibrant and innovative setting with some of the nation’s premier faculty and students. Ultimately, Uptown Gateway will be home to approximately 2,000 employees in the tech and innovation segment of various industries.

“We have been working on the Uptown Gateway project for three years and invested millions of dollars because of the tremendous opportunity it presents for the neighborhood, the City and the entire Cincinnati region to attract and retain the best and brightest talent from around the world. Virtually all successful research, innovation and technology districts in the U.S. are anchored by a major college or university. It is wonderful to see UC step-up and make the commitment to the Uptown Innovation Corridor. We could not be more excited for our project and for the broader Uptown Innovation Corridor. UC’s commitment will catalyze not only our project, but the entire corridor; creating a focal point for innovation in our market. The broader positive impact to our city and to our region cannot be understated. We look forward to starting construction soon and to completing the project in 2021,” said Tom Rowe, principal of Terrex Development & Construction.

In 2017, Terrex Development & Construction and Messer Construction Co. were selected by the Uptown Consortium as preferred developers for this cornerstone of the Uptown Innovation Corridor. A major component of the project is a partnership with the Avondale community. During the development and planning process the community provided feedback and economic inclusion protocols that will ensure that Avondale residents are included in job opportunities during construction and beyond.

The Uptown Gateway project is a big step in the development of the Uptown Innovation Corridor, a large, urban research and innovation park. It is in close proximity to UC’s 1819 Innovation Hub. UC’s commitment to locate at the Uptown Gateway is a critical first stage to the Uptown Innovation Corridor becoming the premier research park in the Midwest.

The Uptown Gateway will serve as the home for technology innovation in our region and will help our region attract and retain talent, spur innovation, and facilitate collaboration.

A decade in the making and a public private partnership involving the City of Cincinnati, State of Ohio, OKI, Uptown Consortium, Avondale neighborhood and developers, the corridor will help Cincinnati attract tech and research companies and start-ups that will create quality jobs and grow our local economy. Cincinnati will be prepared to better compete on a regional, national and international for companies targeting places where talent wants to locate in a vibrant and innovative environment.

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